Anti Tutorial - KS: How not to attack other creatures Players

To make your ElfBot not "give KS" just follow this simple tutorial.
  • Open your ElfBot in Targeting, he opens a window called (Monster Targeting) See the image below:

  • Shortly after you open the Targeting, you tried the option "Ignore Other's Monsters" See the image below:
In this option, you have the freedom to choose the amount of SQM that ElfBot ignore.
  • For example: if another char on the same hunt is hunting you, ignore the ElfBot 1 SQM from him. so do not give "KS"
If I put only 1 in SQM "Ignore Other's Monsters" ie ignore the creature between 1SQM another player. if you put 2, 2 SQM will ignore the most and the area will increase

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