Friday, November 2, 2012

Elfbot Cavebot - Creating Waypoints


Criando waypoints

  • Waypoints determine where your character should go. There are eight types:

Booth: Does your character walk up to a point, unless this place is inaccessible. Good for use in sqms that must be gone into a hunt for example in a rope spot on a ladder, etc. ...
Node: Has the same function Stand, but with one more resource, the Skip Nearby Nodes (explain below).
Walk: Walk toward the point until you find a monster. When a monster is going to the waypoint low
Action: Create an action (explain below)
Rope: Use the rope on the waypoint sqm
Ladder: Climb the ladder of the waypoint sqm
Shovel: Use the shovel on the waypoint sqm
Lure: When combined with the targeting, the monsters burrow until the waypoint sqm
  • The Emplacement (upon the types of waypoint) determines which side will create the waypoint.
  • For example, to create the waypoint down a ladder, you can stay south of the stairs and put Emplacement: North. After that just click Stand, which will create a waypoint that makes your character down the stairs (remember to always go back to the Emplacement Center)
On the left side of the screen, are on display all waypoints of your script. Underneath that, there are 5 buttons:
< Selects the previous waypoint
> Select the next waypoint
Clear:  Deletes all waypoints
Label: Gives a name to the waypoint (useful for actions)
Del: deletes the selected waypoint

The Show Labels option determines whether the names given to waypoints (labels) are displayed or not.
Follow Waypoints option enables or disables the Cavebot

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